Sunrise in the Palouse

Canola Field 1

Canola Field 2

Iron Wheel Fence and Canola

Dahmen Barn through Iron Wheel Fence

Abandoned Farmhouse in the Palouse

Abandoned Palouse Farmhouse


Hay Bales

Beautiful Morning in the Canola Field

Palouse Sunrise

Farm Truck

Harvest Moon over Palouse Barn

Palouse Moonset

Old Barn in the Palouse

Retired Combine

Retired John Deere

Covered Bridge over the Palouse River

Deer in the River

Agricultural Artistry

Early Summer in the Palouse

Sophisticated Simplicity in Farm Architecture


July afternoon in the Palouse

July Morning in the Palouse

July afternoon

Wind and Waves

Changing Landscape in the Palouse

Steptoe Butte

Seasons of the Palouse I: June

Palouse Seasons

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